Chumsclearance Office Clearance Service,

Our office clearance service joined our extensive portfolio of services and has served a great number of satisfied clients for a number of years.

Our name has become synonymous with reliability and efficiency across Wimbledon Office Clearance Service, and beyond when it comes to waste removal and house clearances. Alongside domestic waste clearance, we now serve many local and larger business who require complete or partial office clearance.

We work in partnership with many private and public organisations who have quickly recognised our company as experts in the field.
Yet, our premium quality service is still offered to all our clients at a cost-effective rate based on our fair pricing structure.

We also ensure that the environment doesn’t have to pay the price for our cost-effective price.

We pride ourselves on being a green organisation who works towards reducing the amount of re-usable fixtures, fittings and furniture which end up in landfill.

With our highly-rated service office clearances no longer have to be daunting.
Workplace changes may seem like an arduous task, but Cumsclearance will do all of the hard work for you.
All we require from you is to quote how much waste needs to be removed, and the time and date it would suit you for us to arrive on site.
Rest assured that Chumsclearance`s specialist expertise will ensure that the task at hand is carried out as efficiently as possible.

Along with the larger office items which we are equipped to remove and transport such as wall partitions, desks and kitchen equipment,
We are also able to remove IT and other electric equipment from the location.

So, whether you’re a multi-national corporation, or a small office looking to clear items from your office.
Our fleet and strong team of local experienced personnel are more than equipped to handle any job which comes our way.

We approach every office clearance in a flexible manner. We’ll iron out all of the details before we get started on the office clearance process.
This includes getting an idea of any re-usable or high value items. We will let you know how the removal of these items could reduce your clearance cost.

Developing a rapport with our clients gives us the ability to provide a personable service which allows us to evaluate the scope and scale of your project.
However, we still aim to be in and out in the shortest amount of time, so it’s back to business in no time.

We are equipped with all of the necessary lifting and transport tools,
to ensure that even the largest of items can be removed safely and without causing damage to the property.
We understand that some clearances are trickier than others in the absence of a lift,
however our strategic planning will ensure that we are fully equipped on arrival.