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Dragging your rubbish bags to the nearest public bins everyday takes up a lot of your time and energy, for some kinds of rubbish this may be rather difficult or impossible. At Chums Clearance, we offer rubbish clearance in Croydon so that we can make the waste disposal easier and simpler for you.

With our rubbish clearance service, you will never have to worry about removing the rubbish from your property ever again because we take care of the waste removal for you. Getting rid of any unwanted rubbish can be a headache for many home owners in the Croydon area.

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Croydon Rubbish Removal

Getting rid of any unwanted rubbish can be a headache for many home owners in the Croydon area. Local councils have reduced the amount of rubbish collection days causing people to have a build up of domestic waste. We understand that it is inconvenient to store waste until the next rubbish collection day. It can be odorous and attract vermin to your garden or home. This is where we come into the picture. Our professionals can arrive to your premises in Croydon at a time suited to your specified schedule, collect the waste and dispose it off the right way. After collecting the waste, we leave the area clean and tidy so you won’t have to do that job as well.

Domestic waste is one area we are very good at dealing with and we have a good reputation in Croydon for this. We can assist with garage clearance and help you go through all of your unwanted garage waste. We can also assist you with loft clearances removing all unwanted waste from your loft and disposing all of the clutter that has built up over the years. If you are revamping your garden and have bags of branches, leaves and grass we can remove this also. Garden waste has to be disposed of separately to other domestic waste and we work closely with the local rubbish removal site in Croydon with this type of waste.

Croydon covers a large area so and we have many waste removal vans to cover this area. Our equipment is setup to also deal with commercial waste as well. So if you are having building work done or if you are a construction site manager and need regular contraction waste taken away quickly and regularly then give us a call. We understand that certain materials need to be disposed of in a particular way and at a designated site. In addition, we are cheaper and more efficient than hiring a skip as all waste is removed the same day. This also frees up space and keeps the work area clear and cleaner.

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