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Construction can generate much rubbish. Perhaps you recently completed a makeover, but your home appears like a construction site afterward. Maybe you’re doing a task and

need to keep the area free of the trash regularly. We come to clear all types of places from construction sites, strip outs, new constructions, and property restorations to house clearances and commercial cleaning jobs.


If you have a few items, you’d like us to carry away, we also provide a handy wait and load services.

Chums Rubbish Clearance specializes in construction debris

removal and can handle with our waste removal service.

When it comes to Construction Waste Disposal services, we understand the need for dependable building waste clearance services but finding a business that fits all of your needs can be difficult. We offer flexible, bespoke services tailored to your needs, thanks to our years of experience.

We undertake daily, weekly, and monthly waste collections for building contractors on regular contracts, including council work, refurbishments, and new builds. However, we also execute one-time collections, such as property clearing, whether on residential or commercial premises.


Chums Rubbish Clearance collects construction rubbish from construction sites throughout Surrey and London. We are devoted to properly clearing, removing, transporting, and disposing Construction waste. On the collection day, one of our team members will contact you to confirm arrival times. Upon arrival, our crew will ensure the extent of your construction trash and then continue to clear it as fast and efficiently as possible, cleaning up after themselves. We strive to recycle as much of your rubbish as possible at Chums Rubbish Clearance.


Furthermore, we can arrive quite quickly. Give us a call if you need your loft, basement, garden or garage cleared at the same time, that is no problem at all. In less than two hours, we can be with you.

Take Construction Waste Management Services at a Competitive



As a London builder, you’re well aware of the problems that skips can cause with garbage removal. Apart from being costly to hire, getting authorization to place them near a construction site in some city sections is tricky.

Furthermore, the time is spent transporting all of the waste from the job site to the skip.


You can forget about all of those problems when you select Chums Rubbish Clearance. We’re much less expensive than hiring a skip, and by loading all of your trash stuff ourselves, we’ll save you even more time. It implies you can finish your Construction Waste Management project faster and for less money.


In a rush to find a Construction Waste Disposal company? You might like to use our wait and load services. If you have the time to load your trash, it’s one of the cheapest and fastest ways to dispose of garbage. We do it ourselves if it is not possible.

Suppose you are looking for a cost-effective and ecologically friendly way to dispose of your commercial and construction waste? Then Chums Rubbish Clearance is the place to go. We provide a trustworthy and cost-effective building waste removal service.


With decades of experience, we have yet to encounter work in the industrial, municipal, or commercial sectors that we cannot execute. We will attempt to provide the best service for you, whether it is a single, one-time collection, or a multiple collection agreement. We understand that every business is unique and that your garbage is complicated. Therefore, we tailor our construction waste disposal service to meet your needs.


Our Construction Waste Management services provide numerous benefits over clearing the debris yourself, and our competitive pricing is frequently less expensive than skip hire. So, rather than wasting time and money on a multi-day skip rental, call Chums Rubbish Clearance today for a competent and economical construction debris removal service.

Construction Waste Service:

 Our team will be happy to assist you with a quote if you are unsure of the exact condition and amount of your collection. Then all you have to do is schedule your Construction Waste service.


We can remove all conventional builders’ trash, except for dangerous materials such as Asbestos. Construction waste disposal service includes items like windows, kitchen units, bathroom suites, fireplaces, radiators, garden sheds, and materials like brick, stone, concrete, metal, timber, glass, old insulation, plastics, and carpets.


We are registered with the Environment Agency and follow all applicable laws. If you work as a building contractor, you have a legal obligation to ensure that the trash from your activities does not represent a health and safety risk on-site and is appropriately disposed of through our team. Chums Rubbish Clearance understands the issues that waste management can cause, and we’re here to help you solve them.


In London and Surrey, we have specifically trained staff experts in Construction Waste. We know the potential risks and employ best practices in dealing with them. We’ll safely remove all waste from your building site, make sure the storage facility is clean and safe, and then transfer the rubbish for recycling.

As a licensed company with the Environment Agency, you may rest confident that all statutory laws governing your construction waste’s removal, transportation, and disposal are strictly followed.

High-quality Waste Removal Solutions:

 We’re a seasoned Waste Removal company with solutions to ensure that all construction waste, or calculating the amount of space needed. Customers sometimes overpay for skip sizes that they don’t require. is collected on time and services consistently high quality.


Hazardous and poisonous goods, like Asbestos, can pose a serious health risk if mishandled. Therefore, it’s always preferable to hire a certified professional like us to remove the garbage safely and environmentally responsible.


Our services are a cost-effective and convenient alternative to hiring a skip. You won’t have to fret about the cost of renting a skip for several weeks, paying for permits. We assist in keeping your site clear by providing one of the most efficient Waste Removal available.


Do you require the removal of construction waste from your property or construction site?

Whether you’d want us to come to your home to take away trash left behind after a task is over, or you’re a contractor in need of fast building debris clearing services, Chums Rubbish Clearance can help.


We take pleasure in our ability to clear construction waste of all kinds and forms, and we are confident in our ability to handle any Construction Waste.


We’ll gladly give you a repeat service tailored to your requirements if you’re satisfied with our commercial and construction waste removal service.

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We take pleasure in attracting repeat customers and establishing long-term relationships with them. Contact us now phone 0208 935 5117 or email for additional information or a free no-obligation estimate.

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