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 Additional storage space will benefit everyone in your household if you have a more open and vast living area. Why not employ a clearing company to help you make more room in your loft, attic, or basement? We work with some of the most experienced and qualified Loft Clearance specialists in the industry, guaranteeing that your loft or attic looks better than it did before.


However, it would be best if you were honest about how often you use some of the objects in your loft. You may rest assured that we will remove all trash from your attic and dispose of it responsibly.

In London and Surrey, we are the Loft Clearance experts. Our clearance crews can provide a complete Loft Clearance Service in London, Surrey, and the surrounding areas. We may remove all of your personal belongings, furniture, rugs, white goods home appliances, electrical equipment, clutter, debris, and garbage from your loft.

Hundreds of satisfied clients have entrusted their loft clearances to Chums Rubbish clearance. At Chums Rubbish clearance, you can expect to receive exceptional customer service. Our personnel are qualified and experienced loft clearing operatives with the skills, expertise, and experience to rapidly and respectfully remove your loft.


We can provide you with a Loft Clearance Service that meets your needs. Due to little hatches and inaccessible spaces, loft clearances can be brutal, but our crew has dealt with various loft settings. Our team has the know-how to get the work done, whether your loft is conveniently accessible in a bungalow or at the top of a townhouse.

Hire the best clearance company for an excellent loft solution:

Our Loft Solution services are customized to fit each client’s specific needs. We’ll consider your requirements, budget, and accessible solutions before creating a comprehensive loft removal service package for you. We’ll handle everything for you, from furniture removal to rubbish disposal to electrical appliance recycling.


If you need your loft vacated in Surrey or London, don’t hesitate to contact us as we always go above and beyond. We will remove any waste, junk, or furniture – no matter how large or small – and our team is always courteous, professional, and on time.


We can offer whatever you need, from ladders to lighting – just let us know the surroundings, and we’ll

provide everything you need. Once the room has been cleared, we may assist with vacuuming away any dust to make it clear and helpful.

We understand that everyone acquires items they no longer require, but by allowing us to assist you with

de-cluttering, you will obtain the valuable space you desire. Do you have any spring cleaning plans? Are you getting ready to sell your house? Is it a will or probate?


Chums Rubbish clearance will always go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are delighted with their Loft Solution. Since customer satisfaction is essential, most of our activities come from references and return customers.


Will you be moving? Is it tough to get into your loft? Are you unsure what’s in your loft? We can assist you! In Surrey and London, we provide skilled household clearance. Our devoted and professional workers will clear your attic in no time, with minor inconvenience, leaving you with extra space.


We’ll enter your loft with caution, using dust sheeting throughout — attics are notoriously dusty! We then

bring items down for inspection before clearing them if necessary. Because of our experience, we are the logical choice for Loft Clearance.

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Loft clearance service near me at affordable price:


You can rely on Chums Rubbish clearance Service to supply you with a high-quality clearance service that is accessible and inexpensive—working with homes and companies in London and Surrey with pride. We provide a wide choice of Loft Clearance Services Near Me to fit any budget.


A Loft Clearance can be a terrific method for making more room around the house or creating a fully functional extra living space. Our unique loft clearance services are suitable for large and small residences of all kinds in London and Surrey, whatever your aspirations.


Our experience and expertise extend to classic and contemporary houses, allowing us to undertake even the most challenging loft clearances confidently. You can trust Chums Rubbish clearance Service to do whatever it takes to get the job done quickly and affordably.


We’d love to hear from you, whether you’re ready to start or just considering a Loft Clearance Near Me. Contact a Chums Rubbish clearance Service team member to discuss your requirements in more detail or set up a no-obligation quote.

On-demand loft clearance services in London:

We work hard, are conscientious, and clean out your attic. Our business has been in existence for many years. So, we’ve got much experience, and one of the reasons for our continued success is because we prioritize our clients. Our staff and fleet of vans allow us to clear your loft, collect items, and remove everything in one visit.


Are you the owner of a property? And want to sell your property. It would be best if you cleared your loft.

Our Loft Clearance Service in London is a fantastic service where we clear these areas to provide storage space. All loose clutter, papers, toys, old furniture, rubbish, and whatever else we uncover in these forgotten storage rooms are cleared and bagged.

When you request a loft clearing, you will be able to choose between a same-day or scheduled Clearance. Our loft removal teams will arrive at your home and empty your loft of all the years of clutter.

We will clear your loft of any huge and tiny garbage and furnishings. We devote our attention to packing up smaller objects once they’ve left your loft space or subterranean cellar. You have to indicate what needs to be removed and go to us to clear whatever you want to remove for disposal.

Tell the Chums Rubbish clearance Service staff what you want to get rid of, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Contact us to discuss your needs in greater depth and receive a no-obligation quote. You can email us at or phone us 0208 935 5117 for book our Loft Clearance Service in London.

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