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Clearing a workplace can be a terrifying task. Organizing, packing, lifting, cleaning and disposing of your belongings can be stressful and time-consuming. Chums Rubbish Clearance will take care of each task step to save you time, tension, and hassle.

You can rest easy knowing that we can lawfully dispose of your inventory and garbage. You may also rest assured that we’ll safely carry out your Office Clearance in London. We do Clearance under Health and Safety Executive rules. We’ll make sure you fulfil your clearance responsibilities for office garbage disposal. We have large Luton vans that can load and transport large, heavy loads in the shortest amount of time.

Our services are appropriate if you need to empty commercial property. We can assist property owners in Office Clearance Services. Who needs a clearance service to clear and open an office before a refurbishment project? At Chums, we specialize in affordable Office Rubbish Clearance in London and Surrey. Our team is trained and experienced to provide a full range of office clearance services, including electronic goods and handling delicate equipment. At Chums, we believe in providing high-quality service with excellent customer service, which is why we are rated 9.2/10 on our Checkatrade page.

We knew the importance of time to organizations. So we always work quickly to minimize downtime. We are aware of the limitations that businesses confront regarding garbage disposal. As a result, we guarantee that your office-based paper safely disposed.

Arе thеrе аnу box packed with used соріеr саrtrіdgеѕ taking too much space in your office? Arе уоu tоо busy tо tаkе саrе of thе рrоblеm on уоur own? The boxes or piles of shredded paper take up more space in your

office. All you have to do is give us a call.

We’ll clear your office in London and Surrey of any trash accumulated over time when you make a booking with Chums Rubbish Clearance. You will receive a service tailored to your needs and within your budget. Do you want to improve the look of your office? Chums Rubbish Clearance offers a wide range of office clearing services—we clear offices across London and Surrey and the surrounding cities and villages.


You require Office Clearance services for a small or large office. Clearing professionals are here to give you clearance services. We offer a professional office clearing expert team with many years of experience and training.


Hire clearance experts from the best company in London:


We provide thoroughly vetted and extensively trained office clearing specialists. Who will inspect you throughout and outside of working hours and on weekends? Chums Rubbish Clearance services are available seven days a week. They do clearance tasks with minimal disruption to the business process.


They perform their clearance services in a friendly environment. And their office clearance services are dependable and effective. They are helpful when it comes to office clearing services. They will also provide services to assist you in standing out from the crowd. Our experts are always willing to embark on new office clearance projects.

We also provide other clearance services for homes, businesses and local authorities across the London and Surrey area. Our services include garage clearance, loft clearance, white goods removal, waste management

services and construction waste.


Our team takes pleasure in completing Office Clearance work promptly, which maintains our company’s high standards. We can also remove any unwanted furniture, fixtures, or fittings in the office. Let’s say you wish to get rid of your office waste and hire a trash removal company. As a result, you no longer need to be concerned about office trash removal. Chums Rubbish Clearance specialists are on hand to alleviate any concerns you may have about trash removal services.

Get quickly end-to-end office waste clearance services in London:


Are you looking for Office Rubbish Removal Services? Chums Rubbish Clearance offers office rubbish removal services throughout London and Surrey. Our office waste removal team offers hassle-free services at a reasonable price. So, you have no concern with workplace waste removal.

What can we do with the rubbish you’ve generated? We will endeavour to reuse, rehome, recycle, or promote your waste most of the time. In this way, Clearance minimizes the environmental impact of your workplace. You’ll be at ease knowing that you’ll fulfil your commitments. You have an office and wish to get rid of the fittings and fixtures from your old furniture. No need to look further. Chums Rubbish Clearance will organize your office clearance, including packing, sanitizing, and removing your stuff, saving you time, effort, and frustration.


Are you in need of an urgent Office Clearance Service? So, you’ve found the perfect site, and your search is now complete. In London and Surrey, Chums Rubbish Clearance offers same-day and next-day clearance services.


Hire the best office clearance services solutions in the Surrey:


Are there any binders taking up too much space in your office? Arе you tоо busy tо tаkе саrе of thе рrоblеm yourself? You may feel assured that our crew will appropriately dispose of your inventory and garbage. 


Our clients trust us to conduct office clearances safely, and we adhere to all Health and Safety Executive rules. As part of your clearance responsibilities, we’ll make sure you clear up the office rubbish. We have Luton vans that can rapidly load and transfer extensive, heavy material, obviating the need for a skip. We can address all of your issues with office clearance, and your problem is our headache.

Get in touch with us:

For office clearances in Surrey, we use the exact quotation process for clients in London. We evaluate the property’s size, the volume of removed objects, and the number of discarded items. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Office Clearance. You can call us. Our team members provide you with complete guidelines about questions.


Getting a free quote and booking an office clearance in London is quite simple. You can contact us by phone at 0208 935 5117 or by email at

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