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If you are looking for an effortless solution for waste removal in Epsom then Chums Clearance is the right place to come. We offer an affordable, convenient and professional service that is focused on recycling and proper waste disposal.

We can collect single items or handle large commercial waste clearance projects. We are capable of handling all sorts of removal jobs. We offer daily rubbish removal services at minimal rates in the Epsom area. Or if your garden looks messy due to all the twigs and fallen leaves lying around, then we can help you dispose them.

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Epsom Rubbish Removal

We take complete responsibility for all of the items we remove from our client’s premises in Epsom. We make sure that almost all of the waste gets recycled. Instead of disposing everything in a landfill, we make sure to dispose the waste in an eco-friendly and responsible way. The good thing about our service is that when we remove waste from your property we do our best to leave the area clean and tidy.

If you are based in Epsom and are looking for a waste clearance company that works quick and efficiently then Chums Waste Clearance is the right company to contact. We have a large team of professionals and a fleet of waste removal vans so we can tackle any job that you have. If you are planning to have your garden re-done with a patio and are wondering how to get all of the tree debris, soil, grass, branches and leaves then why not give us a call. Or if you are having an extension built and want a cheaper and less invasive alternative to a skip. Then we can collect the construction waste on the same day your builders need it removed leaving your home space clean and tidy for the work to carry on.

We work closely with all the waste clearance sites and recycling facilities in Epsom so we can make multiple trips from your site to the local facility maximising the amount waste cleared in a day. We can remove your rubbish on a one-off basis or if you need a waste management plan then let us know your waste removal rota and we can pick up your waste on a regular basis giving you peace of mind that your rubbish will be cleared on time, hassle free and without delay.

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