Putney Rubbish Removal

Putney Rubbish Removal

At Chums Rubbish Clearance, we have been working many years in the rubbish and waste removal business in Putney and surrounding areas. During this time we have learnt the most efficient way of working.

When you hire us we focus on getting the job done, carrying out waste removal the same day. Once you contact us we will evaluate your request and can be at your location at a moments notice.

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Putney Rubbish Removal

We are located note far from Putney and have worked with client’s in that area with domestic rubbish clearance to commercial waste clearance and on building sites. Getting rid of any unwanted rubbish can be a headache for many home owners and businesses in Putney. One of the reasons for this is that certain materials need to be disposed off in a particular way and at a designated site. In addition, it is inconvenient to store it until the next rubbish collection day and due to the world becoming more greener a lot more rubbish needs to be recycled. This is where we come into the picture. Our professional team come according to your schedule, collect the waste and dispose it off the right way. After collecting the rubbish, we leave the area clean and tidy so you won’t have to do that job as well.

If you have an office in Putney and you are planning to move or have accumulated a lot of paperwork, office furniture, cabling, books or electrical equipment. Then contact us and we can collect the unwanted items and recycle a lot of the waste from your office. Or if you are a home owner in Putney and are planning to declutter your loft or basement from years of built up rubbish we can do that also. Loft clearance, garage clearance, basement clearance and domestic rubbish clearance is our specialty.

If you have an overload of domestic rubbish because your local bin men will only take an alloted amount of rubbish on bin days then let us know and we will clear the rest. Or if you are planning on having building work done to your home in Putney and want us to work with your builders to collect construction waste on a regular basis we can do that also. We are more affordable than a skip and we also collect and remove the waste on the same day leaving your premises clean and tidy.

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